Please allow me to introduce myself

I'm Jess. Nice to meet you.

First off, before I disappoint any theoretical physicists, let me make one thing clear: I probably won't ever write about the actual science-y string theory. I will, however, write about some of my creations with string. Okay, with yarn, but all the good yarn puns have been taken by better blogs.

I may sometimes write about my family and the antics of Extraordinarily Patient Dude or Wee Ninja Girl.

I may sometimes write about things happening in the world.

I may sometimes write about music, books, movies, or television shows.

I may sometimes write about completely random thoughts or topics that make little sense to most people. That would be the "whimsy."

I may often write about food. Especially cheese. I really love cheese. I buy a two-pound block of Extra-Sharp White Cheddar cheese every week. Mmmmmmmmm.... cheese.........

So there I am. Ta da!