Not quite back in the groove.

I have a very normal routine. Laundry is done every three days. Diapers are washed after Wee Ninja Girl goes to bed whenever we don't have enough clean ones to get through the next day. Every Monday I dust and vacuum the first floor of the house. Every Thursday I dust, dry mop, and vacuum the first and second floor of the house. One Thursday a month I wash the hardwood floors and the kitchen linoleum. Two Mondays a month I clean the bathrooms. All other cleaning is done on an "as needed" basis.

When my house is a disaster I can't concentrate or focus on anything. My mom and dad would laugh at that, since I wasn't exactly tidy when I lived at home, but it's true.

And yet, ever since coming back from our three-day vacation, I have had a rough time getting back into the swing of things. We're also in the process of re-organizing our study/computer room and cleaning out my craft room and the upstairs closets. Oh, and the dungeon basement, too.

Fun times.

So, once all the junk is cleaned out of everything and the house is back in order, I might get around to posting a new pattern for the Mountain Girl hat I made a few weeks ago. Here is a picture of it.

I know. I'm such a tease.

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  1. Such a cute picture!
    I'll comment more, so you won't feel lonely