Pity party, table for one

I always find it hard to get back into the swing of things after the Christmas holidays.  To transition from seemingly endless activities to the bleakness of January can be a bit depressing.  Thus, I always try to do something to liven things up.

So, Thursday night after I had trimmed some chicken to cook for dinner, I decided to vigorously scrub the cutting board.  While doing that, the large, sharp knife I had previously wielded somehow fell into the sink—blade-side-up, of course—just as I pushed the sponge downwards.


I basically punched the blade of the knife with my right-hand pinky knuckle.  Thankfully, EP Dude is an Eagle Scout and promptly patched me up.  After we got dinner together and Wee Ninja Girl to bed, we decided to go to an urgent care to have professionals take a look, just in case I sliced a tendon.

Hmm, I probably should have put a DO NOT EAT WHILE READING THIS POST warning at the top.  Oops.

It turned out that even if I did knick a tendon, since the cut was straight up-and-down rather than across the knuckle, it would heal just fine.  So now I have to wear a splint on my finger for TWO WHOLE WEEKS.  Ugh.

I have learned since then just how important the pinky fingers are, and hope I never take them for granted again.  And I learned that tenanus shots hurt worse than lacerated fingers, so now I have a sore hand AND a sore shoulder.  *whimper*

At any rate, I'm thinking of knitting up a splint cozy to keep grime from grossing up the medical tape.  I think I have some lovely sock yarn left over that would do quite nicely.

But in the meantime, I will probably just eat some ice cream while riding around in this:

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